Guard Well Founder & CEO Cyber Security Forum Panel Expert

Guard Well Founder & CEO Cyber Security Forum Panel Expert

[Cincinnati, OH]  Cybersecurity continues to be one of the least understood but most important issues for businesses today. On Thursday, November 4th, the Cincinnati Business Courier (CBC) will host an in-person Cyber Security Forum at The Learning Center on 4th Street, downtown Cincinnati. The CBC stated that “…our group of experts will provide the latest news and advice related to this critically important topic.”


Along with Allan Hilsinger, Founder and CEO of Guard Well Identity Theft Solutions, other panelists include:


– Doug Davidson, Director of Information Technology Services, GBQ Holdings LLC

– Ashley Earle, Attorney, Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP

– Jesse Kegley, Managing Partner, Emerge Technologies


Interested in learning how cyber security impacts you, your business and your customers? Register online HERE. Tickets are $35 each for this live event.

8.4B Passwords & 25M Records Stolen

8.4B Passwords & 25M Records Stolen

Just recently our security team found two new breaches involving 25,000,000 stolen records and that 8.4 billion passwords have been stolen and sold on the dark web. We see these breaches all the time. The reality is that out of the 8.5 billion IP addresses worldwide, 3.5 billion of them are malware. That’s correct! Almost half of the worldwide web is created to commit fraud. That’s why we have proudly built a strong partnership with industry powerhouse Experian who jointly provides our member’s identity protection, support, and complete resolution service.


Guard Well Identity Theft Solutions exists to protect you, your family, and your employees from the damages of identity theft. It has been a pleasure protecting America’s workforce for the last decade. We look forward to many years and much more growth to come!


Be vigilant. Be Strong. Stay in the know. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Member Services immediately. We are always available for you 24/7/365 at 888.966.4827 (GUARD).


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