Even Frosty Can Get Scammed

Even Frosty Can Get Scammed

2024 is already looking like a doozy on the winter storm chaos-meter. We are barely two weeks into the new year and winter storms are wreaking havoc across the country. No surprise that utility scammers and unlicensed contractors are targeting those affected.

Although utility imposter scams have been around for years, fraudsters are getting extra crafty at finding new ways to take your well-earned cash. New technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made it easier for them to impersonate people and companies you trust. Here are some tips to keep the fakers off your doorstep and out of your inbox after a storm:

– Understand that government agencies and utility companies will not contact you to ask for account information. If anyone contacts you, ask to see their identification and credentials.

– Contact your insurance company for next steps in assessing property damage.

– If any work needs to be completed, hire only licensed and insured contractors and get contracts in writing. Only pay after the work is completed and you are completely satisfied.

Other winter tips: keep your pantry stocked (with non-perishable foods/meals that can be prepped without water and heat), extra blankets close by and your devices charged as much as possible. Stay safe and hoping that some great packing snow for Frosty falls from the sky!

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Photo courtesy credit: Peter Zhang via Unsplash