Identity theft steals productive work time from your employees, affecting your company bottom line.  

Employees victimized by identity theft can spend an average of 165 hours, during business hours, trying to resolve their identity theft or fraud damages.   



Identity theft has become an American epidemic for individuals…and employers. 17 million Americans were victimized in 2015 alone, over 48,000 victims each day.  Employers of all shapes and sizes are learning first hand how damaging employee identity theft can be to their company.  When an employee is victimized the work of resolution must be done during business hours, stealing productive work time from the victimized employee…and employer.


Smart employers understand the best way to increase their bottom line is to arm their employees with the greatest tools.  Protecting their identity is no different.  Identity theft protection has become the “MUST” of employee benefits.


We have the perfect solution.  We offer payroll deduct, or credit card paid, voluntary solutions which we implement at no cost to the employer.  We handle everything “A to Z”. It’s simple, safe and effective.  Our voluntary enrollment rates prove employees desire our protection, making the employee benefit space the fastest growing portion of our company.  Additionally, we have many employer paid clients because it saves the company money and gains the company efficiency.  Each program is customized for you, the employer, to fit every need possible.


The average identity theft victim spends 165 hours trying to resolve their own identity theft, 70% of which never fully succeed.  Self recovery efforts are admirable, but costly. Employers are finding the self recovery effort has significant collateral damage to their company.  The loss of time, productivity, focus, ambition, attendance and efficiency become far more damaging and expensive than having a Guard Well membership proactively in place as a benefit of employment.


The growing trend is for companies to proactively offer an identity theft protection program as an employee benefit. This reduces the risk of the employee being victimized and, should a theft or fraud take place, the employer can rest assured that Guard Well will recover the employee’s identity for them. Not only is this a tremendous value to the employer, but it clearly shows the employer cares about the employee, their family and well being.


Whether employer paid or voluntary our customized solutions are incredibly affordable and an excellent exchange for the minimal expense.

Almost every independent group in America is looking for a way to increase enrollment, membership, benefits and funds. Whether you are a company looking to provide an “add-on” value to your existing product or service, or an organization who wants to provide a benefit to members, Guard Well has a solution for you.


As with employers, we offer your organization significant price discounts for multiple enrollment numbers. The process is very simple and hassle free.  We implement our programs at no cost to your organization.


Groups or networks with an existing platform have used Guard Well memberships as a benefit to their members. By offering our membership to your group or network, your organization provides a very valuable service while at the same time increasing your revenues for each membership enrolled. It becomes a win-win for all parties.


Our discounted pricing for multiple enrollment numbers will give you the flexibility you need to help protect those faithful to you.


“For less than $200 you can download a program on to your laptop that will hack into company or organization computers…undetected” (The Wall Street Journal)

As an employee benefit broker you are a true expert in benefit solutions and what the market trends are.  You are aware of the world wide growing issue of identity theft and the trend for employer’s to provide or offer an identity theft solutions product to employees.   There is clear demand for Guard Well’s products and you now have a solution to offer your clients.  By so doing, you are distinguishing yourself and your company from the competition.


We partner with brokers and enrollment firms to provide a comprehensive solution to an increasing need.  Our team would enjoy learning more about your business and how we can help your business to higher prosperity by offering Guard Well products to your clients.  Please contact us to learn more.


“We are seeing an increase in unsolicited calls from our corporate clients asking us if we can implement an identity theft solutions product into their employee benefit package (Employee Benefit Broker, Georgia) 

Data Breaches increasing and more damaging — One likely contributing factor to the identity fraud increase was the 67 percent increase in the number of Americans impacted by data breaches compared to 2014. We found victims of data breaches are nine and a half times more likely to be a victim of identity fraud than consumers who did not receive such a data breach letter. (Javelin Strategy & Research)


According to the Wall Street Journal the revenues from the resale of data exceeds a staggering $1 Trillion per year.  It is estimated that 68% of websites are infected by BOTS, which are pieces of code someone installs on your computer to watch or steal from you.  Additionally, every 50 seconds a laptop is stolen.


Reality is that safeguarding key employee and consumer personal information is becoming more important, yet more difficult. Organizations are much more likely to be targeted by identity theft operations than individuals. The amount of personal employee data a company typically stores makes it a prime source for hacks and thieves.


Increasing legislation holds companies liable if an employee’s or consumer’s identity is stolen using personal information being held by the company.   The wonderful world of advancing technology brings with it much more exposure and risk that exceeds most companies ability to properly protect themselves.


We have specialized risk assessment professionals and legal counsel who will analyze your business operations and customize a data breach solutions program to fit your company needs.  To learn more contact us at your convenience.


To protect consumers and employees by requiring reasonable security policies and procedures to protect data containing personal information….

HR Bill 2221, Data Accountability and Trust Act. (www.govtrack.us)