“Literally speaking, helping others who cannot help themselves is the very foundation of our business practice and why our company was founded. “


At Guard Well we insist on helping those in need and giving back to the worthy. We have crafted a specialized program for charitable and non-profit organizations of all sizes. We refer to this program as our “Give Back Program”. We fully implement the program for your organization, you will spend very little time and no money educating, enrolling and protecting your constituents. We do all of the work for you!


Program Mission: To enhance the communities we operate in by providing the meaningful financial resources which charitable and non-profit organizations need to complete their missions, while so doing, protecting their constituents identities, families and financial well being from the fraudulent activities of identity theft criminals.


The purpose of this initiative is three fold:


  1. To protect as many American families as possible from the pain, personal and financial losses, health risks, reputation damage and credit destruction experienced by victims of identity theft.
  2. To raise awareness for the fantastic charitable causes and non-profit organizations that help improve the lives of the citizens of our communities.
  3. To provide the much needed financial resources to the charitable and non-profit organizations that are so incredibly important to our communities.


How The Program Works: Guard Well offers a partnership with your organization by providing our comprehensive identity management and protection programs to your constituents at a discounted rate. We then “give back” to your organization a portion of the enrollment price per month, per enrolled member, for the life of that Member. Reminder, our membership also covers the member’s family at no additional charge. We protect families.


How your constituents enroll into the program:


  1. Guard Well will create, host and issue a co-branded, customized “secure web link” to your organization.
  2. Guard Well will create a brief, informative and customized package for your organization. Your organization will forward this package, via e-mail, to your constituents. The package includes short instructions on how to visit the co-branded website and enroll into membership. It’s as simple as “click here for enrollment”.
  3. Your constituents visit the web link and enroll. The web link automatically discounts the membership cost and tracks for proper credit to your organization
  4. Guard Well will collect the membership payments on a monthly basis. We will then “give back” a portion of the fees, each month, for each membership enrolled via your co-branded, custom secure web link. This is for both new and reoccurring memberships
  5. Guard Well will pay your organization monthly via company check or ACH deposit for the life of the Guard Well membership


That’s it! It’s truly that simple, clean and effective.


You are armed with valuable information you need to share with those most loyal to you! We urge you to share this information and help Guard Well educate the consumer on how to properly protect themselves and their family. Identity theft can be incredibly scary. You now have America’s finest solution at your finger tips, please share it.


“Guard Well has been protecting our church staff and core leaders for the past eight months. We have been very pleased with the results and are implementing the ‘Give Back Program’ so we can protect our church families.” (N.H., Pastor, Cincinnati, Ohio)