Guard Well Awarded Most Promising Solution Provider – 2020

Guard Well Awarded Most Promising Solution Provider – 2020

Enterprise Security Magazine has once again recognized Guard Well Identity Theft Solutions in their CIOReview as one of the most promising Identity Governance and Administration Solution Providers. The magazine previously featured Guard Well’s Founder and CEO, Allan Hilsinger, in their article Protecting Your Employees and Company Bottom Line.


Most firms have a considerable stockpile of end-of-life IT assets that are loaded with sensitive data and are quickly depreciating. The latest article in CIOReview, Guard Well Identity Theft Solutions: Shifting a Liability and Expense Into Profit, explains how companies are reaping the rewards from trusting the Guard Well data risk mitigation process.


Located in Cincinnati, OH, Guard Well has disrupted the enterprise data risk mitigation space with a new solution that wipes and certifies IT hard drives at no fee, repurposes the gear (which is the greenest solution available), and then shares the profit with the client. Guard Well partners only with organizations that use data eradication software endorsed by the Department of Defense (DoD) and which are HIPAA and FDIC compliant.


The CIOReview states, “Having achieved a resounding success in the months prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, Guard Well looks poised to create many more success stories in the area of enterprise risk mitigation.” To learn more, visit


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