Learn why millions of American households have chosen the same programs as Guard Well.

“Have you ever Googled your own name?  You may be shocked at what you find.”

Identity theft cannot be prevented so the most critical component to an identity theft product or service must be it’s identity recovery and resolution process. This is our core belief.  If your identity is stolen, you need a complete resolution, there is no other suitable option and no reason to pay for a service that offers anything less


People falsely believe that “financial identity fraud” is the only form of identity theft. It is not.  People also believe that “credit or identity monitoring” somehow prevents your identity from being stolen. The facts clearly show that monitoring products alone are not the most effective way to protect your identity.  You must also have a full resolution program in place to eliminate and repair identity theft damages when they attack.  Additionally, once you are notified that your identity has been stolen…it’s too late.  At this point you need a complete resolution program in place anyway.

“Children are five times more likely to be victimized than their parents.  Your family is your most treasured asset so we protect them at no additional cost.”

Protecting your entire family is simple and affordable. When you enroll with Guard Well any family member residing in the household receives unlimited, complete resolution coverage as well. That’s correct…we cover the member and their family for no additional charge of any kind, at any point.


Remember, we do not just “assist” or “help” with your identity theft resolution. We step in, take charge and provide the work of resolution for you and your family. We will never ask you to pay for something we feel is not effective or necessary.  Members first…everything else second.

“An identity is stolen every 2 seconds…that’s 48,000 American victims each day”

There are currently over 15 billion Internet devices, up from one billion in 2008 (Cisco Visual Networking Index Forecast).  Protecting your identity and the identity of your family members has become more difficult while thieves and hacks are more sophisticated, bold and ruthless than any time in the past.  As we have transformed our lives into a digital existence, the bad guys have seized the ability to easily steal our personal identifying information.  The resale of stolen data exceeds $1 TRILLION annually.


Identity theft increases 13% annually, despite the growing numbers of companies in the industry offering “monitoring” products.  If the monitoring products alone were an effective way of protecting your identity then identity theft rates would be decreasing, not increasing.


As more Americans are victimized each year, the identity theft knowledge and experience of every day Americans grows.  Consumers are fed up.  They understand full resolution is a necessity and are demanding these products.  Our core belief is unlimited, complete identity theft resolution for our members and their household.  We are ahead of the industry trend and are not looking back.


Our complete resolution program is complimented by a significant proactive protection process for all stages of life.  Whether you lose a wallet/purse/identification, fall victim to a phishing scam, have an e-mail/social media account hack, lose a personal device or computer, are active-duty military, are moving, have a death in the family, change marital status, have a child, are traveling, have a break-in or endure a natural disaster, we urge all members to call us today to learn about proactive steps you can take to protect your identity.

“Consumers are fed up…they understand full resolution products are a necessity so they are now demanding these products.”

Our full resolution coverage for the household is superior and incredibly effective. We do not just talk the talk. We do not make unfullfilled promises.  We short-circuit identity theft before it starts and stops it cold if it’s already happened.


Our members receive one-on-one attention from our fraud resolution specialists until their fraud damages are resolved. We don’t just dispense advice. We take charge and:


  • Make the calls
  • Write the letters
  • Consult with, educate and explain rights to victim
  • Talk to creditors, bill collectors, the IRS, the DMV, law enforcement, doctors, and hospitals
  • Place appropriate fraud alerts to credit agency(s)
  • Resolve any and all identity theft issues
  • Provide an individual solution and fraud specialist for each victim
  • Offer access to Fraud Monitoring Services at no extra charge
  • Help restore affected credit connected to identity theft
  • Create a comprehensive case file for each victim
  • Walk hand in hand with the victim during entire recovery process
  • Follow up with the victim for six months following the recovery


“Most of the services we looked at provide some sort of assistance to customers if they become identity theft victims, but in many cases the extent of that assistance is not clear.” (Consumer Federation of America)

“In some groups of survey respondents, over half reported that their identity had been misused to gain medical services.” (The ID Theft Resource Center)


There are at least 48 different types of identity fraud. Here are some of the more common:


  • Medical Fraud: Someone else having a medical procedure in your name.  1.5 million American victims each year.
  • Credit Fraud: Someone else obtaining credit in your name so they can illegally obtain goods and services.
  • Insurance Fraud: Someone else opening an insurance policy and making a false claim in your name.
  • Employment Fraud: Someone else “getting a job” and not paying taxes in your name.
  • Criminal Behavior Fraud: Someone else committing a crime in your name.
  • Residence Fraud: Someone else renting housing and not paying rent in your name.
  • Utility Fraud: Someone else opening up utility accounts and not paying the bill in your name.
  • Cell Phone Fraud: Someone else opening a cell phone account and not paying the bill in your name.
  • Government Document Fraud: Poor security or improper use of your personal information

Remember the childhood game of Tag? Debt Tagging is very much the same. The thief will create a real debt and then “tag” it to your good name, making you or your family member accountable for a debt you had nothing to do with and typically know nothing about. Tag, you’re it!


Debt Tagging risks:


  • Child risks
  • Marital status change risks
  • Military service risks
  • Death risks
  • Tax-related identity fraud risks
  • Medical identity theft risks
  • Travel-related identity risks
  • Moving-related risks
  • Break-in-related identity risks
  • Disaster-related identity risks


If you are in the military, are moving, have a death in the family, are traveling, have a break-in or endure a disaster, call us today to learn about proactive steps you can take to protect your identity.


“Some identity theft victims are shocked to discover that their personal information has been used by imposters in civil or criminal cases.” (Consumer Federation of America)